Criminal Podcast Episode 75 : The Gatekeeper

Criminal is one of my favorite Podcasts. Of all the Podcasts I listen to, Criminal is the only one I find informative and entertaining. After every episode I feel as if my mind and insights have been broadened. The host Phoebe Judge, tells stories of death, theft, identity fraud, domestic abuse, and arson. Criminal focuses more on the affects of these crimes, rather than the crimes themselves.  For me that is what makes Criminal intrigueing and unique. 

I was SUPER excited when I heard the intro to episode 75. Episode 75 profiles Marilyn Stasio, who since 1988, reviews crime fiction for The New York Times Book Review. I subscribe to The New York Times Book Review and I read Marilyn's column. Actually, I go straight to Marilyn's column, then I read the rest of the reviews. 

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I found Marilyn absolutely fascinating. She is funny, witty, and very "to the point". Marilyn's "to the point" attitude comes across in her reviews as well. Her reviews are concise and credible.  She supports her thoughts and views by using quotes from the books she reviews.

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Marilyn states she has always had dark tastes. As a child, Marilyn read the encyclopedia and she was drawn to the painting The Princes in the Tower.  The painting portrays Princes Edward and Richard while they were locked away in the Tower of London in 1483. While they were locked away in the tower, they vanished. What happened to them is still unknown.  I found the picture and I see what drew Marilyn to the painting. It is sad and mysterious and you cannot help but wonder what the Princes are seeing that we are unable to see. 



During the episode Marilyn's review process is discussed as well as her she thoughts on how crime fiction has changed over the years. She also tells us her favorite crime book of all time. Please check out this episode of Criminal and read Marilyn's bi-weekly column in The New York Times Book Review, they are a must for any lover of crime fiction.